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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read through. Whats the Atlantis, Atlantis is what i named my Red Sea Reefer 350. Why name it Atlantis ? Atlantis has always fascinated me. And The Red Sea Reefer being my current dream tank build, the only thing i could think of naming is was The Atlantis. I bought my Reefer 350 second hand from a fellow reefer. The tank was only used for a few months, 5 months to be exact. Well the tank was collected today. And i did the delivery myself. So i guess ill start this thread by writing my experience on how the delivery was done, and what you guys could learn from my mistakes. My friend and i, yes 2 people. We went down to collect the tank, in my van. Lesson no 1, have more help. Despite the tank weighing 64kg, we had issues carrying it. issues faced was lifting the tank up higher due to the piping, instead of sliding it off the cabinet. Second issue faced was loading it into the van. It was an issue because again of the piping we could not slide it in and had to carefully place it. Now my van isnt that big. Its just enough to fit a 4 ft tank. Second issue faced, i decided i did not want to dismantle the cabinet and that we just put it in the van standing. Well it did fit, but due to the size of my van, it was just nice about 5-6 cm away from the door closing in. And the sump tank was just kissing the cabinet. In my opinion, get more people to help. Also have some boxes or cloths to protect the tanks, because when i was driving, there were instances i had to brake hard, and in one of those breaks the sump slide forward and hit the tank. Luckily nothing happened, we stopped over at the patrol pump, got everything placed properly again and put cardboards between them just incase Once the tank was home, it was a breeze to set up. Firstly the previous reefer had already set up the overflow pipes for me. All i had to do was fix the drainage, emergency drainage and return. Now the tank sits, while its Rocks, salts, sands and biomedia come. Also going to do a leak test before filling it up with salt water.
  2. Hi Everyone! Currenly now I'm setting up 2ft tank, but my pH are not reaching 8.5, even I do put increase pH. Its still maintain the same level at around 7.0 - 7.5. P/s : I do have Live Rock with algae and the algae are dying. B4 i bought the live rock very fresh( Red and Green are very strong color when I do buy on " 4th March 2019 " ) I did setup a tank on 3th March with details description below : Setup with Salt ( No brand ) + Tape water ( Incl anti clorine ) + One and Only ( DrTim Live Nitrifying Bacteria ) 1. Ocean Free Nano 5 Martine Tank ( 60 x 40 x 40 ~ 96Litter ) a. Filter Layer 1 : Coarse Bio Foam / Activated Carbon b. Filter Layer 2 : Coarse Bio Foam / Activated Carbon c. Filter Layer 3 : Coarse Bio Foam / Ceramic Ring d. Filter Layer 4 : Coarse Bio Foam / Ceramic Ring e. Filter Layer 5 : Coarse Bio Foam / Bio Wool f. Ocean Free Nano Skimmer 2. Chiller Haile 28A 3. Eheim 2213 ( Blue Filter Pad - Sera Bio Filter Ring - Bio Home Plus - Sera Filter Wool ) 4. Sand 5. 4pcs Live Rock Can I know how to make the pH increase more, and also how long I can start to put coral and fish ?
  3. Hi everyone I've been doing loads of research on reefing and I think I'm finally ready in terms of knowledge and commitment level to get a reef tank. I dunno about the rest but when I dream I dream big, so I was planning to get a 6ft tank and work around it. However I'm quite put off with the price I'm quoted at a few shops. And I'm not quite sure what brand of equipments I should look into. i plan to get a sump that has a calcium reactor, protein skimmer, and a refugirium ( not sure if that's the way to spell ) I don't plan to add sand into the tank due to me reading up about the difficulties in adding sand. ( maybe someone can give me some pointers ) I know I definitely need to get a RO/di unit unless I buy those water which honestly doesn't seem wise to me. Secondly I think I'll also need to get an air con compressor drop in coil to cool my tank off ( maybe not at initial phrase but the moment I'm gg to add in fishes and corals I'll have to have this ) anyone has has cost saving methods ? Would buying second hand items be good ? Thanks daniel here
  4. For brand new tank, can I simply wash the dry base work with RO/DI water and then put in the main tank and start the cycling process? or I need to soak them in vinegar bath for 24hr?
  5. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and new to marine tank. This is my first post and apologies if I'm not posting it correctly. To start off with, like to share my 1.3 ft Nano tank. Looking at upgrading soon
  6. Hi, Worked slowly for couple of months on our new tank, like to call The humble, our entry to marine fish keeping..hopefully into reefing too.. Owning freshwater tanks for more than an year now, recently marine fever caught us hard.. It has been hardworking, educative journey till now.. yet to start cycling but starting this thread to share some info and gain some advice from senior reefers.. and to keep us in track with our setup.. Hopefully humble turnouts nice in sometime near future.. This forum and friends here are very helpful i must say.. really appreciate this forum and its senior members, meet many friend reefers in this couple of months, giving good advice,helps and of course lot of freebies.. thanks all for encouraging new people into this hobby... Special thanks to bro aquamike, bro Ash, Obito Mr.Shark,Xiggie,Boonboy and bro giving cheato.. thumb up to all and thanks a ton.. Bros in T95 and chinatown shop were very friendly to us, and tolerated our innocence in this hobby, Seaview helped to meet the tight budget.. thanks.. Will update on the tank soon...
  7. Been survey the ready made complete system. especially the redsea series. And the prices a little differences compare with those complete packages. Some come with sumps. Some hmm try additional cost for sump , protein skimmer, salts topup water and lighting. Well need some good advise here from those experience guy to be money well spend.
  8. Hi guys I'm starting a new tank mid-end Nov and I need some feedback on my choice of equipment I've gathered some information already and I need some advice if its the right thing. I have a budget of $3k for equipment and around 5 feet of free space (the tanks probably going to be around 3 feet due to budget) Here's the information I've gathered: Tank 3ft*2ft*2ft Tank (2nd hand) ~$400 Lights DELightings T5 Retrofit II 2x 39w (3 feet) (x2) SGD240.00 (x2) $480.00 Tubes $120 Skimmer (unknown) ~$700 (2nd hand ~$300) Wave generator Tunze stream 6065+6085 $180+$240 =$420 (2nd hand) ~$210 Hailea chiller and pump Hailea 1/4 hp $450 Hailea - Water Pump HX6530 (1750L/H) SGD49.80 Return pump Reef Octopus Diablo DC Water Pump DC-3500 SGD140.00 Substrate Coral Sand Size no. 0 10kg x3 SGD10.00 x3 $30 Live rock $280 Dosing pumps (optional) Bubble-Magus 3-Way Dosing Pump SGD390.00 (2nd hand: ~$200) Total: $3250 (everything being new) $2520(when some of the things are second hand) (Sorry if it's messy ) Seniors and pros please post your opinions here thanks!
  9. Need some advise, is the tank ready for live stock(eg corals)? Currently passed 2nd week into cycling a new setup with live rock and live sand. Sand had turned yellow (suspect diatoms) and "vacuumed" clean. Green hairy algae on live rock and glass walls. Scrubbed away using brush. Completed 10% water change. Test result with API reef master kit - seems too good to be true. Calcium - 440ppm Carbonate - 214.8ppm Phosphate - 0 Nitrate - 0 Salinity - 1.021 Many forums says wait for 4 - 6 weeks.
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