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Found 10 results

  1. 1. Hanna Checkers Phosphate ULR - used 1.5yr old - $40 No reagents, 2 cuvettes each 2. Red Sea ReefDose 4 - Brand New - $380 3. Red Sea ReefDose 4 - Used for 3 months - $280 4. Kessil A360X Tuna Blue - 2 sets used 1.5yr old - $400 each (Buy both sets together $800 free Kessil WiFi Dongle) Kessil WiFi Dongle - 1 set used 1.5yr old - $80 Fully functional, no dead LEDs. 5. AquaIlluminination HYDRA 64HD MARINE LED LIGHTING (BLACK) - 2 sets used for 6 months - $800 (Buy both sets together $1500) Fully functional, no dead LEDs. Will throw in tank mount brackets FOC (https://aqtelier.com/products/ai-hms-multi-light-mount-tank-mount-bracket) 6. Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO - Used 1.5yr old - $80 Fully functional 7. ITC ALR1 ALGAE REACTOR - Used for 6 months - $200 Fully functional 8. Red Sea Reef Wave 25 - Used for 2 months - $290 Almost new 9. Eheim Reflex UV 800 - Just changed new bulb - $80 10. Oase Cleartronic 9W UV - Only used for 1 month - $120 11. JBJ Arctica Titanium Mini Aquarium Chiller 1/15HP DBI-050 - 6 months old - $600 Self-collection is at Punggol. Contact me directly at 9one732nine40.
  2. Release a quality lighting system - Kessil 360X Tuna Blue with Spectral Controller X, Mounting Arm and Narrow Reflector (max setting with 50% LED intensity) (RRP $1,023) @ $500 More info on Kessil A360X Tuna Blue @ https://kessil.com/aquarium/saltwater_A360X.php More info on the Narrow Reflector @ https://kessil.com/aquarium/accessories_NarrowReflector.php More info on the Mounting Arm @ https://kessil.com/aquarium/accessories_MountingArms.php Attached Photos of the Quality Kessil Lighting system in good working condition ! Viewing / pickup can be arranged on weekday or weekend at Nine430 899Three. Location in Sengkang. Thanks & have a great week
  3. Sharing my previous 20 gallon innovative marine tank which has been decommed last year in October. This tank has previously been featured by Kessil and Seachem on their social media platforms. Lights: 1 Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue Filtration: Eshopps Nano Skimmer Filter Wool, Filter Socks Siporax Chemi-pure Blue Other equipment: Sicce 1.5 return pump 1 MP10 lagoon mode lowest setting Hailea Hs28A Dosing: Nopox 10ml daily Reef Energy A&B 4ml thrice a week Feeding: Polyplab booster and Reef Roids once a week PE Mysis and Vitalis/Chromaboost marine pellets Livestock: Fishes: Blue tang Midas Blenny Banggai Cardinalfish Black Percula Clownfish Ocellaris Clownfish Corals: Frogspawn Goniopora Cynarina Scolymia Duncan Pulsing Xenia Blastomussa Acans Birds Nest Yuma mushrooms GSP
  4. WTS> 2x Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue with gooseneck mounting, spectral controller and unit link cable. Asking price of $$850. Looking to sell as a full set. Collection at 310113 or Dairy Farm Estate. Selling as changing lights. Pls pm for details.
  5. Dear Friends, I have a 2-year old a) Jebao AK-60 (older version without WIFI, this is a clone version of Kessil A360) using the b ) original Kessil A-360 Mounting Arm (because it looks better, I still have the c) Jebao AK-60 gooseneck arm. The light is still working well and there are some salt creep which can be cleansed off. I will clean as much as i can before selling. I am using another light so I dont need this anymore. I bough the LED light around S$200, the Kessil mounting arm is S$120, plus an adaptor mount S$30. I am letting all three items go at S$88. Please PM me. Thanks!
  6. Decommissioning my 3feet tank. Well taken care of Equipment and cheap Live Stocks to go at solid rock bottom price for the condition of items. All items condition at 8/10 - Cleaned weekly | Used for less than a year | -2 due to normal usage | Do feel free to drop me a text if you have any inquiries or would like to see photos!! - 9653 8710 Equipment 1) Kessil A80 Tuna with gooseneck - $115 2) OCTO ( Reef Octopus ) HOB Bh-90 - $130 3) Fluval FX4 Canister filter - $200 | Free Delivery | 4) Maxspect Gyre XF130 - $140 5) 3ft Tank ( Eurobracing ) - $40 | To go last | Live Stock 1) Foxface 4" ( $6 ) 2) Powder blue tang 6-7" ( $30 ) Free delivery if the purchase is $200 or above. Pickup Location at Bishan Mrt
  7. Wts kessil controller-$120 Bought last week from FnM used for 5 days and found out i didnt have a proper use for it thus selling it. Meet up in bedok area.
  8. Hi, selling following equipments : Arctica chiller DBM-250 - $550 Deltec skimmer SC1350 - $250 Kessil led A360N - $200 Vortech wavemaker MP10ES - $180 Collection @ Woodlands - Whatapps @ 98458255
  9. Hi All, Selling the below as the reason is I have upgraded my tank, all are in useable and working condition: A Established IM20 Tank with 2 Caddy basket and 2 Rotating Spin Nozzle (With abit of slight scratches at front view, barely noticeable) + Give Free nano IM Magnet cleaner + Sand (Original PUMP leak current =() $185 B Kessil 360WE with goose neck mount with USB controller $350 C Hailec 28A Chiller 1/10 HP, Super silent $160 D Overflow box SKIMZ OM2500, usable. Super silent, Selling AQUA LIFTER also) $20 E Bubble Magus QQ1 HOB Skimmer (Retail $100), value for money skimmer $65 F TOM's Aqualifter pump (Retail $35) $20 G Left 80% Seachem KH Buffer (Retail: $25) $12 H SEALED Hailec 28A Chiller 1/10 HP UNUSED, Super silent $280 I 2 Cartoon of Dead Rocks $90 J Auto Fish Feeder (less than 6 months), EHEIM style $10 K Jebao RW 4 $20 H Bacteria KING Media 2.5kg $25 Please do not PM me as I seldom login to Forum for time being... Whatsapp me at 9295413 Eight. Collection at East, Will include photos tomorrow. Thank you! : )
  10. Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue LED Light (2 units) Kessil Spectral Controller (1 unit) Local set with warranty (bought in Jul16 and used for less than a month). As good as new. $700 for all. The product link from local distributor http://www.ecocityhydroponics.com/kessil-a160we-tuna-blue-led-light-fixture-controller-ready.html http://www.ecocityhydroponics.com/kessil-spectral-controller.html Interested, please whatsapp 94880692
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