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A course mesh from Daiso can be used as a screen in the sump to minimize strands from escaping the refugium.

For me, I started with a fistful sized chaeto. It doubled in 2 weeks.

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Hmm... Did u happen to do a check of your tank parameters before and after u added cheato?

Usually cheato only helps to remove nitrates which is good.

The only thing I can think of is that there may be something in the ball of cheato that caused the death.

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Depends on how u want to use it. Cheato work the way green plants work. They photosynthesis with sunlight and in the process use up nutrients.

Some people turn on the lights in alternate to your main tank lights. The idea is so that your cheato would not compete with your corals for nutrients during the day time. And at night it can use up all excess nutrients in the tank caused by decomposed matter or fish waste. This will ensure that the tank water in the morning is low in nutrients, ready for a brand new day.

In other systems, people run both lights together. Especially in high nutrient system where algae is blooming.

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U can grow cheato with those normal led light for plants . A beamwork led works great , or just any normal 6500k bulb or tube will be fine. A red and blue grow led lights will work too .

The lights does not have to be switch on 24hrs , half that would be fine. Plants need some sleep too.

I grow cheato and algae with a red grow led for 20hrs .

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I have mine growing at the section of the sump with 11watt PL white lights.

Lights are on for 10-12 hrs a day

Grows like crazy

Every few weeks I need to take out a big bunch & give it off



wah bro u chaeto grow so fast? Mine grow very slow. Just curious if chaeto grow fast does that mean there is a lot of nitrate in the water?

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