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SRC TOTM Jun 05 by Danano

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Congratulations, Danano! :)


All SRC Tank of the Moment Award Winners will be given a set of AquaConnect ENERGY ELEMENTS 1/2/3 250ml FREE, kindly sponsored by Bio-Ocean Technix!


AquaConnect Energy Elements: 3-part complete trace elements replenisher.

If we could formulate a good reef aquarium supplement in a single bottle, we would. But good is not enough for us and chemistry teaches us that mixing WILL compromise the potency of certain substances. Since that we only settle for the ultimate best, we formulated this 3-part supplement system instead. By not blending & mixing active substances like other 'convenient' products, we succeeded in delivering high-energy potent substances to intensify color, promote growth and increase vitality in reef organisms. Energy Element 1, 2, 3 have been thoroughly tested by experienced reefists and coral breeders worldwide.



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  • SRC Member

thanx AT for introducing this section in SRC. will certainly reveal some of the amazing tanks ard.

and Dan, some of the colours i see there are so 'unreal'. ;) what an amazing mix of colours. excellent choice of colonies there as well.

a wonderful tank from a very nice and approachable dude! signs of a very conscientious reefer!

cheers man! ;)

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The Best!!! Always a pleasure to see your tank....looking forward to see the 4footer and the creation of yet another wonderful reeftank! ;)

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  • SRC Member
Hey Dan,

Many Congrats!!!!!! :bow::bow: Excellent colour. Beautiful corals. Amazing how you manage to fit and grow all these treasures in your present tank.

You new 4ft will definitely be awesome man. :yeah::yeah:

Thanks Scarab et al! B)

Scarab... it's now your tank that will inspire my new 4ft. ;)

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  • SRC Member

Woah!!! So outdated in news...didn't know TOTM has started kicking in... :huh::paiseh:

Yup...Dan...you really deserve the honour... :bow::bow::bow::yeah::yeah::yeah:

The efforts...diligence...dedicated husbandry...the quest for quality stuff... :rolleyes::whistle:whistle

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