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Some Breeding Black Ocellaris and larvae

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hi chung

i saw your pair on RC (if that was u) :lol:

they look around the same size.

The female should be about 2.5-3inch (ard 5-6cm) and a inch wide.

while the male is abt 2inch length.

they are in a 4ftx2x2 .for size comparison- the purple tile(coralline encrusted) is a big 1ftx1ft tile and the smaller yellow one is a 6inchx6inch tile.

they don't use the tiles.

i scoop larvae out on hatch nights.


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Hi bro!


I've just lost my first batch of spawn from my true perc (This year). Now into the second spawn.

Can advise me on what to feed the new born? You mentioned rotifers...?? What's that ? and How do i find or buy them?

Please help..... I've been watching my percs spawn for the last 3 years and lost every batch.......heartache.....would love to see its offsprings for once.


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They're from England

Augustine, the best place to start is the book 'CLOWNFISHES' by Joyce D. Wilkerson

it has all the information you need from a-z to bring up a batch.

various web base shorter versions are available through search engines - but the book is still a good buy.

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A lot of the marine fishes look different when they are young, a few of the clown species are also the same. They take quite a while to develop.

The black pigmentation start in the fins when they get ard 3 months then slowly in the bodies by the time they reach 6mths. (they are still a dark brown at this age)

From then how fast they go jet black depends on water quality & space. Usually full black at a yr.

nothing much exciting now, just watching them grow, fight & colour up.





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i got a pair of true percular n pair of black ocellaris in e same tank... do u tink they wil spawn... :huh:

They may, percula/ocellaris hybrid pairs do happen and do spawn.

What they produce is a different story :lol:

A.percula takes over a yr to develop 3 stripes while black A.ocellaris takes oooh ard 20+-30day for stripes & 6mths-1 yr to colour.

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