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  1. So much more! Drop by and check us out! These creatures are amazing
  2. Cool Crayfish available at Iwarna! **Cherax Bluemoon (snakeskin) ** **Cherax Bluemoon (DarksKin)** **Cherax Pulcher ** **Cherax Hothuisi Apricot** **cherax Snowden (AKA Orange Tip)** **Cherax Peknyi (AKA Zebra) ** **Cherax Boesemani (Blown and green Color)** **Cherax Boesemani (Red Bricks)** **Boesemani (Tri colour red ) ** **Warsamsonicus ** **Snowden black Scorpions **
  3. Sri Lanka Australia Tomorrow morning: West Africa Stocks moving fast for updates check FB page Iwarna Aquafarm. For queries msg Tevin at 82636665.
  4. Copperband butterfly Magnificent foxface Ocellaris clown Misbar ocellaris clown Clarion angelfish captive bred Scribble angelfish captive bred Goldflake angelfish captive bred (2inch) Joculator angelfish captive bred Purple Tang captive bred Midnight lightning Ocellaris Black frostbite Ocellaris Black Ice Ocellaris Helmet picasso Percula Black Picasso Percula Frostbite Percula Platinum Dalmatian Ocellaris Platinum Ghost Ocellaris Lemonpeel x vroliki hybrid Black cap basslet Royal gramma Cave basslet Rainbow basslet Panamic barnacle blenny Broadstripe cleaner goby (E. prochilos) Blue neon goby (E. oceanops) Red head goby Catalina goby Helfrich firefish Yellow head jawfish Blue spot jawfish Yellow tang (Central Pacific) Hooded wrasse pair (New Caledonia)
  5. Exciting stocks tomorrow morning! Tigerpyges (pre-ordered) Golden angelfish many pcs Yellow coral goby Yasha goby many pcs Swalesi basslet Colletei basslet Multilineatum basslet XL borbonius anthias XL blue face angel Banggai cardinal Decora firefish Red firefish Longnose hawkfish YELLOW morph fuzzy dwarf lionfish (very rare)
  6. Indonesia corals are back! Acropora species: Hoeksami blue Latistella aka bali shortcake Millepora pink/purple Millepora green/orange Millepora red with green Millepora red Tenuis green with blue tip Echinata Green Echinata Blue Tip Gomezi Blue Loripes Blue Loripes Blue Tip Tenuis Blue Tenuis Premium Bright Blue Tenuis Red Tenuis Green/Blue Elegans Pink Tip (deepwater) Speciosa purple tip (deepwater) Caroliniara purple tip Carduus Red with yellow tip Carduus Gold Rosaria pink/yellow tip Aculeus Yellow Cytherea Green Microclados Pink Others: Poccillopora Seriatopora caliendrum Stylophora pistillata LPS: Goniopora sp. Red/Green Favia Green Favites Red Lobophyllia hemprichii Orange Lobophyllia corymbosa Premium Red Symphyllia Premium Bicolor Symphyllia Green with Purple Tips Torch coral Orange with Purple Tips Torch coral Orange with Yellow Tips Green Center Torch Coral (AKA Dragon Soul Torch) Fish: Orange ocellaris (coral sea) True percula (Papua) Bicolor angel Blue eye cardinal Great barracuda juveniles Randall jawfish Cherry dottyback Parvula cardinal Ataenia pygmy wrasse (rare) $50 Antennata lionfish Six line wrasse Rainford goby Panther grouper Orange spotted prawn goby Steinitz prawn goby Black ray shrimp goby Spotted dragonet Spotted boxfish Green chromis Cleaner wrasse Bicolor blenny Regal angelfish adult Striped fang blenny Brazil: Canary/Banana morays Small french angels Medium french angels Small queen angels Medium Queen angels Blue neon gobies
  7. New arrivals: Hawaii: Yellow tang Kole tang Flame angel Potter angel Flame wrasse male Palm size griffis Golden puffer Goldflake angel XL Black tangs show size Sri lanka: Fire shrimps Cleaner shrimps Emperor adult (small) Emperor adult (large) Asfur angel Maculosus angel Collare/Pakistan butterfly Chaetodon trifascialis Mitratus butterfly (great size) Longnose butterfly Zoster butterfly Golden butterfly Orange spotted blenny Anthias (2 types with purple fire goby) - $25 Tiger wardi sandshifting goby Dracula goby Soapy line grouper Powder blue Clown tang XL Sohal tang S size Desjardini sailfin tang Purple tang M/L size Moorish idol Yellow mango puffer Thornback boxfish Trispilus wrasse (yellow with pink belly) Ornate leopard wrasse Cleaner wrasse Meyeri butterfly Triangle butterfly Sea goblin (Minous sp.)
  8. Fish Week! Fish suitable for everyone from common to the exquisite. New arrivals: Philippines: sunburst anthias, tomini tangs, yellow chocolate tangs, red dragonets, fire gobies, purple firegobies, sailfin tangs, scopas tangs, assorted triggers, sally lightfoot crabs, baby octopus, green chromis, coral beauty, etc. USA: Giant hermit crab (Petrochirus diogenes) Lettuce nudibranch Peppermint shrimp Emerald crab Red Serpent Star Premium Ricordea Carribean Rock Flower Anemone (ultra grade) - Arrow crab Scarlet Reef Hermit (Paguris cadenati) (eats bryopsis) Assorted carribean photosynthetic gorgonians Cherub angel Black cap basslet Chalk bass Royal gramma (good sizes) Sailfin blenny Blue neon goby Yellow head jawfish Naked ocellaris Premium gladiator ocellaris Premium BLACK gladiator ocellaris Wyoming white ocellaris Orchid dottyback (FLASH SALE, while stocks last) Berghia nudibranch (tentatively not for release due to high shipping mortality) Conspiculatus angelfish (captive bred) Blue phantom angelfish (captive bred, debut in Singapore) MOREEE Arriving after 12pm later (prices for these omly out after arrival, we will not respond to price enquiries prior). Flame angel Lemonpeel angel Hybrid black tang Chevron tang Kole tang Yellow tang Goldflake Angel Declives butterfly Helfrich fire goby Mystery wrasse Crosshatch trigger pair Bandit angel Griffis angel Multicolor angel Bartlett anthias Flame wrasse male Flame wrasse female KING FLAME WRASSE (pre-ordered) Tinker butterflyfish Longfin anthias (pre-ordered) Xmas island emperor angel XL Xmas emperor juvenile Super GOLDEN puffer Red Cleaner wrasse STRAWBERRY crabs
  9. New arrivals: Captive bred fishes: Clarions, goldflake, venustus, majestic, misbar clowns, black helmet percula, helmet percula, black Picasso A1 grade, Picasso A1 grade, Storm clownfish, Platinum spotted storm clowns, Lightning maroon clowns, Midnight clowns, Black Ice clowns, black ocellaris, etc. Wild: Borbonius anthias Blue face angel Roseafascia wrasse Bellus angel male Orange back fairy wrasse Blue tangs Batavian batfish juveniles Purple Queen Anthias Mandarin fish Cleaner Wrasse Yellow tail damsels Bodianus izuensis Pylei wrasse Naso Tang Ocellaris clowns Terelabrus dewapyle (tentatively reserved) Sacura parva (tentatively not for sale, possibly the first specimen to be seen alive in aquaria) https://reefbuilders.com/2017/05/12/sacura-parva-pictured-and-filmed-alive-for-the-first-time/
  10. New arrivals: Bicolor basslet (Lipogramma klayi) Three lined basslet (Lipogramma trilineatum) Candy basslet (Liopropoma carmabi) Swissguard basslet (Liopropoma swalesi) Black cap basslet (Gramma melacara) Royal gramma (Gramma loreto) Atlantic blue tang (Acanthurus coeruleus) Blue neon goby (Elacatinus oceanops) Tiger goby (Elacatinus macrodon) Reef scorpionfish (Scorpaena carribaeus) Spanish hogfish (Bodianus rufus) Queen angel (Holacanthus ciliaris) - 4cm juveniles and palm sized specimens. Rock beauty juvenile Purple mouth moray (Gymnothorax vicinus) Carribean longnose butterfly (Chaetodon aculeatus) Yellowhead jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons) Ricordea florida Red tree sponge (Ptilocaulis sp.) Lettuce nudibranch (Elysia crispata)
  11. Massive australia shipment arrived Blue assessor Scotts fairy (cny offer) Lineatus wrasse (cny offer) Harlequin tuskfish Rainford butterflyfish Centropyge "woodheadi" Spotnape cardinal Hippocampus kuda Green toadstool Green sinularia Duncan Green & Red blastomussa Green Blastomussa Tiger stripe blastomussa Blastomussa merleti Euphyllia divisa Aussie war coral Acropora Dragon soul favia colonies Scolymia Acanthastrea Golden torch Red goniopora frags
  12. New arrivals Many scribbled angelfish assorted size Lennardi wrasse Spider sponge Green cabbage
  13. Hawaii arrived Flame angels Yellow tangs Multicolor angels Kole tangs Bartlett anthias Black and gold damsel Helfrich gobies Flame wrasse Rhomboid wrasse Crosshatch trigger female Red lip cleaner wrasse (Labroides rubrolabiatus)
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