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  1. Hawaii shipment arrived: Small black tsngs, S/M/L yellow tangs, kole tangs, flame angels, lemonpeel angels, 4 line wrasse, crosshatch triggerfish male, reticulated frogfish (rare), Pterois sphex (rare).
  2. Cebu oddball import list: Many cuttlefish, sepia bandensis Multicolor pencil wrasse White banded possum wrasse Yellow banded possum wrasse Tomini Tang (s) Grey Poma Angel (s) Flagfin Angel (m) Coral Beauty Swallowtail angel female Bellus angel female Red Stripe wrasse Cyaneus flasher wrasse Rusty Angel Lubbock fairy wrasse Keyhole Angel Bodianus sepiacauda Banded Snake Eel Blue banded garden eel Rabbitfish Marine Betta Black Narrow Pipefish Canary wrasse Green Lime wrasse Orbiculate batfish Clarkii clown Green Mandarin Green Chromis Yellow clown goby Cleaner wrasse Six line wrasse Starry Blenny Blue & Yellow Fang Blenny Yellow Blue Line goby Ocellaris Clown Widow Blenny Jetnose Brown Tang Antennata lionfish Blue Tang Pipefish dragonet Panther grouper Longnose Hawkfish Mimic grey tang Philippine yellow tang (s) Valentini filefish Blue spot Papuan sharpnose puffer Broom file Randalli goby with shrimp Callopareia goby with shrimp Steinitzi goby with shrimp Gissengeri goby Blue Hana goby Bori goby Banded cat shark egg Banded pipefish Inermis pygmy hawkfish Many banded pipefish Serosa green Serosa red Pyjama cardinal Chromis retrofasciata Yellow cuskfish Global sea urchin Tuxedo urchin Green Serpent Star Black Serpent Star Beige Serpent Star Mole Crab Strombus snail Flame Electric Scallop Anemone crab pairs Anemone shrimps Tiger cowrie Abalone Tubeworm colored Cuttlefish eggs White spot octopus Blue linckia Assorted sea stars 10 leg starfish Red speckled cleaner shrimp Bubble anemones Painted squat lobsters Blue velvet nudibranch Longnose shrimp Harlequin shrimp pairs Boxing shrimp pairs Trimma cana Trimma macrophthalma Tryssogobius colini Eviota nigriventris Eviota pellucida Panda goby Periclimenes holthuisi (special shrimp that stay on corals)
  3. Available on Thursday morning: Cebu invertebrates and oddball shipment. Many stuff. Elacatinus Figaro (Brazilian yellow neon goby), Brazilian Queen angels, Rock beauties, French angels, Brazilian banana morays (Gymnothorax miliaris yellow form), rare freshwater tetras (Hyphessobrycon cyanotaenia, H. hexastichos, H. itaparicensis, H. peugeoti, H. wadai, Moenkausia cosmops). Available Friday : Interruptus angels, bodianus masudai, hawaiin yellow anthias (the last pc that will be available for a very very long time)
  4. New arrivals 2 inch squamosa clams, green striped open brain, ice fire echinata, deepwater sps, hammer corals.
  5. RVS Fishworld shipment landed at Iwarna. Gorgeous blue haddoni anemones, purple long tentacled anemones, pin tail wrasse, Randall anthias, common clowns 300pcs, green chromis, yellow tail damsels, yellow goatfish, red black saddle goatfish, algae blennies, Moorish idols, clown triggers small to medium, pyramid butterflies, blue throat triggers, emperor angels, regal angels, filefish, purple filefish, pencil wrasse, black leopard wrasse, ruby red dragonets, seahares, domino damsels, biocellatus wrasse, yellow wrasse, golden trevally small, bicolor angels, Philippine yellow mimic tang, half black tang, blue tangs, etc. Videos and pictures on Facebook: Iwarna Aquafarm

    Hi, the price for the 16oz Purge is $84 and 8oz Expel is $47. Cheers, Aquarium Iwarna

    Hi All, PURGE and EXPEL are in stock. Additional instructions for dosing PURGE: Remove filter socks Leave protein skimmer running, but remove collection cup for a minimum of 48 hours after each dose. This applies to in sump skimmers only. If external protein skimmer, shut off for a minimum of 48 hours after each dose. Test alk daily to ensure no alk fluctuations. 1st and 3rd dose can be combined into one single dose. For more info: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/breaking-news-we-have-officially-eradicated-aefws-with-a-100-reef-safe-in-tank-treatment.420443/ https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/expel-coral-dip-review.442414/
  8. New fishes arrived Gem tangs 20pcs, kingi/tiger angel 2pc, Blackburn butterflies, African comeback angels, Viviennae wrasse, sailfin tangs, thalassoma, rare female pencil wrasse (polackorum)
  9. Australia import arrived Special porcupinefish (Tragulichthys jaculiferus) Lineatus wrasse Harlequin tuskfish Scribble angel juveniles Acropora Duncan Green Blastomussa wellsi Red Blastomussa wellsi Blastomussa merleti Orange sun coral Black sun coral Green Leather corals Green Star Polyp Green Prata Lobophyllia/Symphyllia
  10. Following our captive bred conspic debut, we would like to debut captive bred goldflake angels, true personifer angel and majestic angels. Also the first batch of clarion angels imported after being listed on CITES Appendix II. Also black ocellaris, midnight clowns, black ice ocellaris. Video on Facebook: Iwarna Aquafarm We also had RVS net caught fish arrive, many randall anthias, pyramid butterflyfish, moorish idols, possibly a new assessor species, etc Also Kenya arrived we have good sized diamond tail flasher wrasse, mccosker wrasse, rare citrinellus puffer, gold stellatus puffer, etc. Facebook live stream tomorrow morning.
  11. New arrivals: Joculator angelfish. After 1pm Cerith snails (cerithium spp.) (said to eat cyanobacteria), lettuce nudibranch, Stenopus scutellatus pairs (rare), Peppermint shrimps, Red Serpent star (Ophioderma rubicundum), Ricordea Florida, Ultra Rock Flower Anemones, Red ball sponge, Red Frilly sponge, Arrow crabs, Green emerald crabs, red emerald crabs, scarlet reef hermits, Hawaii zebra hermits, red st. Thomas mushrooms, black cap basslets, yellow head jawfish, spiny box burrfish (C. schoepfi), premium blacker ice clownfish, premium black gladiator ocellaris, Tangerine albino ocellaris, tangerine snowflake ocellaris, berghia nudibranch, sonic flare zoanthids, bloodsucker zoanthids, jawbreaker hornet zoanthid, bowie blaster zoanthid, MAGIC CARPET Mushroom.
  12. Captive bred clarion angelfish from Bali Aquarich coming soon. Discount for pre-bookings if payment is received before 30th August. Limited specimens arriving, while stocks last. PM us for more information.
  13. Available tomorrow morning at Iwarna: Bandit angels, Potter angels, Fisheri angel, Flame angels, Goldflake angels, Black tang, Kole Tang, Yellow Tang, Declives butterfly, Crosshatch triggerfish pairs, hawaiin cleaner wrasse, fourline wrasse, Bartlett anthias. After tomorrow 1pm: Emperor angels, majestic angels, regal angels, multilineatum basslet, cockerel wrasse, blue banded garden eels, larmarck angels, multicolour pencil wrasse, carpenter wrasse, blue throat wrasse, lunatus wrasse, clown anglerfish, coral beauty, clown anglerfish, halfblack angel, nox angelfish, clown triggerfish, xenia filefish, broom filefish, orange spot filefish, purple queen anthias, coloured sea goblin, rusty angelfish, Moorish idol, valentini puffer, semeion butterfly, mask scorpionfish, orange spot rabbitfish, jetnose, chromis retrofasciata, domino damsel, cleaner wrasse, antenna shrimp goby, green chromis, assorted shrimp gobies with shrimp, purple firegoby, blue line yellow coral goby, sand-shifting gobies, ruby red dragonets, black leopard wrasse, blue hanae goby, orbic batfish, pipefish dragonet, moyeri dragonet, yellow tail blenny, starry blenny, ocellaris clowns, skunk clowns, starry blenny, tomini tangs, solandri puffer, shame face crabs, mole crabs, anemone crab pairs, strombus snails, coloured tubeworms, cowries, abalones, flame scallops, tuxedo urchins, sand dollars, blue linckia seastars, assorted sea stars, bongo shrimps, mantis shrimp, harlequin shrimps, brittle stars, longnose shrimp, bumblebee shrimp, heliofungia shrimp, trimma tevegae, tryssogobius colini, eviota nigriventris.
  14. New arrivals Thursday morning: Bandit angels, Potter angels, Fisheri angel, Flame angels, Goldflake angels, Black tang, Kole Tang, Yellow Tang, Declives butterfly, Crosshatch triggerfish pairs, hawaiin cleaner wrasse, fourline wrasse, Bartlett anthias.
  15. Triton ICP-OES Test

    Hi All, Water collection for Triton test is this weekend on Aug 25 and 26. Interested parties please bring 40ml of your tank water to our Pasir Ris farm. Cheers, Aquarium Iwarna