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  1. New fish arrivals: Borbonius anthias White bar anthias Rubrizonatus anthias Pictus Blennies Multilineatum basslets Burgess butterflyfish Small pineapple fish One fin flashlight fish Powder blue tangs Medium blue tangs Wardi sandshifting goby Spotted mandarins Ocellaris clownfish
  2. New arrivals tomorrow: Golden butterfly L size Asfur XL, Asfur S Maculosus XL Sohal XL, Sohal S Austriacus butterfly Limited PCs True Guam Sherpadi Angel (last imported in 2013) True Guam Crimson Yellow Tang (last imported in 2013) Purple Tang S size Multicolor Angel Larvatus Butterfly Whiteface Butterfly Red Sea 8 line Flasher Wrasse
  3. New arrivals Maxima clams Chaetodon collare (Pakistani butterflyfish) Hemitaurichthys zoster (Brown & white butterflyfish) Lutjanus sebae (Red emperor angelfish) Malacanthus smithii (White blenny) Istiblennius chrysospilos (Orange spotted blenny) Synchiropus stellatus (Red scooter blenny) Valenciennea puellaris (Diamond goby) Valenciennea strigata (Radium goby) Apogon angustatus (Broad striped cardinalfish) Chromis dimidiata (Half & half damsel) Gymnomuraena zebra (Zebra eel) Echidna polyzona (Gridled eel) Myrichthys maculosus (Tiger snake eel) Plectorhinchus lineata (Yellow banded sweetlip) Parupeneus porphyreus (Purple goatfish) Anthias squamipinnis female (Blue eye lyretail fish) Anthias squamipinnis male (Red coral lyretail fish) Mirolabrichthys evansi (Evansi) Nemanthias carberryi (Carberryi) Anthias bimaculatus female (Twinspot basslet female) Anthias bimaculatus male (Twinspot basslet male) Grammistes sexlineatus (Soapy grouper) Acanthurus leucosternon XL (Powder blue tang XL) Acanthurus lineatus XL (Striped surgeon XL) Acanthurus lineatus L (Striped surgeon L) Ctenochaetus strigosus (Yellow eye surgeon) Acanthurus guttatus (White spot surgeon) Naso lituratus L (Lipstick tang L) Naso brevirostris L (Spotted unicorn fish L) Naso hexacanthus (Black tongue unicorn fish L) Zebrasoma desjardinii (Desjardinii sailfin tang XL) Zanclus cornutus (Moorish idol) Chiloscyllium griseum (Sand shark) Melichthys indicus (Indian trigger) Diodon liturosus (Short spine porcupinefish) Thalassoma lunare (Parrot) Halichoeres nebulosus (Picture wrasse) Pseudochromis flavivertex (Sunrise dottyback) Lysmata amboinensis XL (Cleaner shrimp XL) Lysmata amboinensis L (Cleaner shrimp L) Lysmata amboinensis ML (Cleaner shrimp ML) Lysmata amboinensis M (Cleaner shrimp M ) Lysmata amboinensis S (Cleaner shrimp S) Lysmata debelius XL (Red fire shrimp XL) Lysmata debelius L (Red fire shrimp L) Lysmata debelius SM (Red fire shrimp SM) Fromia elegans (Red starfish) Fromia elegans (Pink starfish) Stichodactyla haddoni green (Green carpet anemone) Radianthus simplex (Sand anemone) Cirrhilabrus rubeus (Red wrasse)
  4. Africa import arrived Ctenochaetus strigosus (Yellow eye kole tang) Anampses lineatus (Lined wrasse) Pseudanthias squamipinnis (Lyretail anthias) Arothron stellatus – yellow (Starry pufferfish) Bodianus anthiodes (Lyretail hogfish) Canthigaster solandri (Spotted sharpnose pufferfish) Canthigaster valentine (Valentin’s sharpnose pufferfish) Centropyge acanthops (Orangeback angelfish) RARE Chaetodon leucopleura (Somali butterflyfish) Chaetodon lunula (Racoon butterflyfish) Chaetodon xanthocephalus (Yellowhead butterflyfish) Chromis vanderbilt (Vanderbilt's chromis) Cirrhilabrus exquisitus (Exquisite wrasse) Paracheilinus mccoskeri (McCosker's flasher wrasse) Paracheilinus attenuatus (Diamond tail flasher wrasse) Diodon sp. (Longspined porcupinefish) Doryrhamphus excisus (Bluestripe pipefish) Echidna zebra (Zebra moray eel) Ecsenius midas (Midas/Golden/Lyretail blenny) Halichoeres cosmetus (Adorned wrasse) Halichoeres iridis (Radiant wrasse) Labroides bicolor (Bicolor cleaner wrasse) Labroides dimidiatus (Bluestreak cleaner wrasse) Lutjanus kasmira (Bluestripe snapper) Macropharyngodon bipartitus (Blue star leopard wrasse) Nemanthias carberryi (Threadfin anthias) Paracanthurus hepatus (Yelloe Belly Blue tang) Pognoperca punctate (Spotted soapfish) Pomacanthus chrysurus (Goldtail angelfish) Pseudocheilinus species (Wrasse species) Salarias fasciatus – red fin (Sailfin/Algae blenny) Thalassoma hardwicke (Six-bar wrasse) Thalassoma hebraicum (Goldbar wrasse) Lobophytum sp. (Devil's hand corals) Dendronephtya sp. (Carnation tree coral) Cinachyra allcladia (Sponges) Lysmata amboinensis(Cleaner shrimp) Linckia laevigata (Blue sea star) Protoreaster linckii (Red knob sea star) Valvaster striatus (Asteropseidae starfishes) Some photos on Facebook: Iwarna Aquafarm
  5. Australia import landed green sinularia yellow toadstool green toadstool acanthastrea acropora yellow/orange wall hammer Black Torch corals, green torch bubble coral pyjama cardinal scribble angel aureofasciatus butterfly rainford butterfly marginalis butterfly choati wrasse harlequin tuskfish blue assessor Cirrhilabrus punctatus
  6. New arrivals: Red Mandarins (uncommon) Hybrid powder blue tang Chocolate surgeonfish Convict tangs Seagrass filefish (can be used for aiptasia control) Rainford's goby True Percula Clownfish Pink Skunk Clownfish Polleni grouper Burgess butterflyfish Copperband butterflyfish Yellowtail vermiculated angelfish Copperband butterflyfish Yellowtail blue damsel Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis Cirrhilabrus flavidorsalis Cirrhilabrus solorensis Flavianalis flasher wrasse Canary wrasse Bicolor cleaner wrasse Blue cleaner wrasse Black leopard wrasse Green leopard wrasse Blue & yellow fang blenny Yellow stripe fang blenny Randall's Jawfish Blonde Naso tang Naso vlamingi Multibar angelfish Royal dottyback Dispar anthias Blue eye anthias females Six line wrasse Pseudocoris yamashiroi Regal angelfish Blue eye cardinal Pyjama cardinal
  7. New arrivals: Rare African Tiger Scats (Scatophagus tetracanthus).
  8. Iwarna is extremely delighted to announce our new RADIENT series of Customised Tanks and Sumps! Collaborating with The best tank and sump designer and maker, CHECK THIS OUT! 1. Main tank: ULTRA BRIGHT CRYSTAL GLASS (3 X Clearer and brighter than usual crystal glass!) 2. No unsightly silicon- yes! Close to invisible! 3. No unsightly grey PVC PIPES in tanks 4. Adjustable black pipe outlets 5. Amazing customised acrylic sump (white or black*) 6. Red and white Premium PVC pipings with control valves and unions 7. Perfect sump and pipe design to minimised noise 8. With add on features such as dosing tubes holders, auto TOP up tanks, dosing containers, refugium cover and lights... 9. Non corrosive, heavy weight aluminium support frame. Option for carpentry or use waterproof PVC for tank cabinet. 10. Guarantee the MOST gorgeous tank and acrylic sump! 11. UNBEATABLE PRICE for the materials used and quality delivered! 12. Whatsapp 92259393 (Victor) Or 90485606 (Justin) for enquiries!
  9. Available after noon tomorrow at Iwarna. Price only out after arrival. Achilles tangs 35pcs (XS, M, L) Achilles tangs hybrid 4pc Scott's fairy wrasse 2pc (the most coveted South Pacific variant) Black Tang L size x 1 Black Tang x scopas hybrid x 1
  10. Latest arrivals: Christmas tree worms, Crocodile Island Scolymia, pink frogspawn, nice blue discosoma mushrooms, pink discosoma mushrooms, rhodactis mushrooms, green ricordea yuma, green sinularia, green lobophytum. Only very rare magic carpet mushroom in stock only 1pc.
  11. New arrivals from: RVS Fishworld Philippines Ornate butterfly Yellow longnose butterfly Copperband butterfly Argentatus butterfly Pearlscale butterfly Pyramid butterfly Yellow belly dogface puffer Panther grouper Red banded Maori wrasse Peacock mantis Spiny lobster Angulatus flasher wrasse Sailfin fairy wrasse Red Margin Fairy wrasse Male L Yellow Flanked fairy wrasse L Blue side fairy wrasse S Walsh fairy wrasse Leopard wrasse normal Temminicki flasher fairy wrasse L Roseafascia wrasse Melanurus wrasse Biocellatus wrasse Six line wrasse Coral beauty Bicolor angel Moorish idol Porcupinefish Goldhead sandshifting goby Fire goby Twinspot/Crab eye goby Algae Benny Tailspot Blenny Watanabei angel female Bellus angel female Singapore angel Rusty angel Bicolor angel Flagfin angel Regal angel Yellow tail poma angel Venustus angel Multibar angel Maculosus angel (red sea) Sailfin tang Clown tang (s-m) Powder brown tang (s-m) Harlequin tusk M Sunset anthias Randall anthias Princess anthias Purple skunk queen anthias Sunburst anthias Pineapple fish Goldenback trigger Starki damsel Blue damsel Ocellaris clown Black clarkii clown Tomato clown Pink skunk clown Black saddle clown Rhinopias frondosa Sargocentron spiniferum Long tentacled anemone Purple carpet anemone U.S.A Saddled stargazer Blue Neon goby Candy Basslets Cave basslets Queen Angel Small Black Cap basslet Swissguard basslet Sailfin Blenny Spineyhead blenny Triplefin blenny Chromis insolatus Peppermint goby Rusty goby Purple Sea Plume (Muriceopsis flavida) Knobby Sea Rod (Eunicea sp.) Slit Pore Rod (Plexaurella nutans) Purple Sea Whip (Pterogorgia guadalupensis) Yellow Sea Whip (Pterogorgia citrina) Corky Sea Finger (Briareum asbestinum) Yellower head Jawfish Atlantic Blue Tang Ultra Rock Flower anemones Video can refer to our Facebook: Iwarna Aquafarm
  12. New fish arrivals: Blue tang good sizes, naoko wrasse, spotted mandarins, ocellaris clowns, blue leg hermits, yellow foxface, copperband butterflyfish, powder blue tangs, banggai cardinals, clown tang, majestic angels, blue face angels, orange shoulder tangs, Moorish idols, one-fin flashlight fish limited pieces.