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WEEKLY SHIPMENT UPDATE - 28 Oct 2013 - 3 Nov 2013

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Iwarna's pin-tail wrasse


beautiful submale with developing lancet shape tail and dorsal fin blotch.

keep this with a female and in a few months, will grow into a handsome alpha male.

reefers please do not be disappointed with the size of these wrasses. alpha males are very rare and hard to obtain, and only one-two pieces will come in months. the females and sub-males are more common, but by no means useless.

i have waited 6 years for pintail wrasse to appear in the trade and this is the first time ever that singapore has this fish.

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Thanks bro.


Btw, what will be the survive rate in nano tank as a first resident  :rolleyes: ?

Its better to have it in a well established tank with a healthy population of pods, its main diet... however, scooters are much easier to train to take mysis and brine compared to mandarins... but in the mean time, all he does all day is picking pods off rocks...

Buy fish that excite YOU, and respect others' passions.

Yes, we know, there's a cheaper and prettier fish than the one were talking about. - John Coppolino

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Just saw that Lck caribean shipment arrived, grey angel, small french angel, big eye solider fish, rock beauty, neon goby, blue angel ect..

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