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Found 23 results

  1. Artificial rockscape with around 5 rbta and many small frags. Letting go for $200, please arrange own mover.
  2. ReefRap

    WTS corals

    WTS or swap to your lps or rbta Large green lumi elegance more or less 10-11inches - 250$ Sponge 6 inches - 20$ Green finger - 40$ Lumi green Long tentacle anemone palm size - 50$ Red sea fan - 15$ Anemone with maroon clown - 30$ Hammer 4 heads - 80$ Elegance with blue tips - 80$ 91445496
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm facing on this Anemone are smaller and smaller like everyday. Is it very bad right now ? You can before and after. I do trying to feed the Anemone with Frozen Shrimp, also Zoo Blast from Continuum Aquatics. But they are not eating and. Even i put the shrimp at their mouth. What should I do ?
  4. 10 mins before my light is about to turn off, i caught my anemone spawning and releasing a lot of eggs. TIL my anemone is a girl ☺. (sorry for the blue hues 2 bulbs left on that time are blue plus and actinic.) http://youtu.be/RLfkPeZLomc
  5. Hi. Selling a pair of ocellaris clownfish together with their green bubble tip anemone home as part of decommissioning sales. Clownfish are a mated pair and spawn every 2-3 weeks, and have been kept for about 4 years, GBTA is about 3 years old and 7-8 inches across. Will be letting go of some live rock as well. Equipment sales to follow once livestock is cleared. PM if interested! eggs
  6. Hello, I would like to know where I can get a bubble tip anemone that is not too expensive, under $40 around there? Thanks.
  7. Selling RBTA for $40, collection at woodlands.
  8. Two Palm size long tentacle with purple tip. Can host many clownfish To reduce bioload. willing to exchange with shrimp, crab or starfish or cleaner wrasse.
  9. Came home today to find rare wrasse in the mouth of smallish RBTA. How on earth did this happen??
  10. Want to let go a rbta, half fist size when open. $20, self collect at simei pls thanks!
  11. Selling this anemone for $30 . PM me for fast deal
  12. Hi, added one yellow toadstool and an anemone to tank yesterday.. Toadstool grips for a while.. Then lying down again.. Anemone in wandering mode... Anyways to make toadstool stick.. Web says rubber band . can it be done?? Also can u pls I'd the anemone.. ?? Any specific prob with these two specimen... Thanks...
  13. Got a lovely rose BTA. Been some 24 hours now and he is hidden with the rocks with some v lil exposure to light. Is it normal?
  14. Hi all, I've decided to keeping a marine fish tank. totally no experience in this because i only use to keep freshwater fish. I've gotten quotes from various supplier, the estimated cost for a 3 X 2 X 2 full system tank with a full height cabinet ranges from 3-4k. however, these packages does not comes with a chiller. How are the prices? am i being carroted? I want to keep corals so i guess chiller is essential?? but i dont plan on stocking too heavily on it as i'm still a newbie, so im looking at like just a few maybe 2-3 soft corals . anyway, one of the supplier quoted me 3k with no chiller, but i noticed his tanks has those soft corals im planing to keep. he explained that those are anemone and i have to hand feed them. actually what is the main difference between soft corals and anemone? i still have to feed the corals right? and it's a bit difficult for me to understand why does soft corals need a chiller but a tank with anemone do not. Hope somebody can enlighten me. (originally posted at DIY forum, realized it is more appropriate here)
  15. . Have been an avid reefer thus far and am successful with corals and all possible inverts. Am a bit green on anemone care and hence needed advise This guys been in the tank 1 week now and moved only oneself and attached himself on a rock where he had decent lightening and decent flow. He has now slid into the rock and I don't think he is getting enough light.. Have heard not to trouble anemones much and they find their own place. Will he find the correct place on his own or do I need to help him. The clowns have taken to him and keep swimming in an out. So don't think he's sick My anemone is the BT red type.
  16. Dear Reefers, I have some rocks that is in my tank for the last 3 months. I would like to sell them for $20 due to decom. I have another pail of dead rocks to give away as part of the sale. You will get some hitchhiker (I feel they are good ones). 1. RBTA - rose bubble tip anemone (attached to the rock) 2. GSP - green star polyps (~ 10) 3. Coraline algae It would be great if you can come today 8pm - 10pm cause I am running lights, chiller, skimmer...etc for the RBTA. ha ha... Please PM me only if you are really keen and can come at the above timing. Thank you.
  17. RBTA: $35 Torch: $15 each Collection at Serangoon weekday night after 8pm. Interested please whatsapp or SMS 94880692.
  18. Can someone please help ID this anemone? Thanks! Oh and a few things about it: Its non-photosynthetic(it hides in the darkest corner of my tank) It filter feeds(It is growing and hasn't eaten any fish from the tank YET) The tentacles at its edges are longer than its center and they are green(Florescent ), compared to the center pink.
  19. Hi, I want to feed my fish with Mysis soak with garlic guard to increase immunity. Is it ok to use the same Mysis soak with garlic guard to direct feed anemone?
  20. Want to sell a pair of black ocellaris clown fishes and a magnificent anemone. They are very healthy and have been with me for abt 2 years. Female is abt 2.5-3 inches, male is abt 2-2.5 inches. They had just laid eggs on the rock 1 week ago. Size of the anemone is abt 25-30cm. And there is also a green hair mushroom and small Yuma on the rock. Selling all at $80. Pls pm to deal. Thanks.
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